TOCNM Membership

Our club is for New Mexico full or part time residents. With your membership in the Tesla Owners Club of New Mexico you can enjoy the many events, get to know other members, chat about our great EVs and many other benefits highlighted on our home page and here.

TOCNM has ongoing expenses including liability insurance, our PO box, website fees, domain name fees, event space rental, and others. Your dues are the club’s only income source and will help us to expand club benefits in the future. Joining TOCNM will allow us to provide you and your family the full benefits of membership and also help us finance future improvements.
Please read and understand our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy before you join our club.

Annual Membership: $35/yr
A yearly-paid membership provides the benefits listed below. Your Membership will be set ‘expired’ one year after you pay your annual dues. If you log in after your Membership expires, you will be directed to renew your club membership. All other features will be disabled until you pay your dues.

Lifetime Membership: $505
Our Lifetime membership has the same benefits as the Annual membership plus some signup rewards. Please contact a club officer to create your Lifetime membership.

Membership Benefits

  • A great way to meet new friends with similar interests.
  • You may discover new places to visit and eat at our meetings, events and road rallies.
  • You have full access to all Members areas of the website, including links to resources, the event calendar, a list of all current members, current news, a Post area for discussions, links to vendors who have TOCNM apparel and a gallery of past events.
  • Your attendance to our club meetings, road rallies and other official activities is covered by the club’s liability insurance.
  • Our members can answer your questions about Tesla or guide you to the appropriate resources.
  • You can represent and lobby for EVs or other applicable topics in the name of the club.
  • You can vote for the club’s board of directors and offer suggestions to improve the club.
  • TOCNM Club members have free access to training offered by other clubs.
  • Your membership includes you and your immediate family.