Contact Us

You can send us a letter at:
Tesla Owners Club of New Mexico
PO Box 50364
Albuquerque, NM 87181

Board of Directors and Officers

President Mark Hawes
Vice President Open
Secretary Michael Makoid
Treasurer Jay Levine
Board Member Abbas Akhil
Board Member Beverly Duffy
Board Member Daniel Pritchard (webmaster)
Board Member Dennis Spanogle (webmaster )

Club Membership

The Tesla Owners Club of New Mexico encourages visitors to our website to join our adventures. Check out the benefits of our Annual and Lifetime membership levels.

Recent Accomplishments

  • We have incorporated as the Tesla Owners Club of New Mexico, a 501(c)7 Social Organization.
  • We have bylaws that are a comprehensive framework for the club. Bear with us as we fine tune the bylaws. (Bylaws are available for viewing by members of the club.)
  • We are working on a Strategic Plan for the club.
  • We are developing a document repository with links to important information on this website.


The Tesla Owners Club of New Mexico was incorporated in NM on August 16, 2022 with a board of directors, officials, bylaws, and membership dues.

After the former president, Brian Dear, left the club several concerned members got together to continue the club. In order for the club to continue our relationship with Tesla, they required that we become an official club with articles of incorporation. So, we formed a Board of Directors from the group of interested people, appointed initial officers, formed a 501(c)7 corporation (a “social” group), filed with the state, opened a bank account, and set up a dues schedule.

The TOCNM Board has been holding meetings via Zoom to finalize roles and responsibilities and get basics up and running like the website while still holding a few road rallies along different routes. The board will make the agenda available when we can, but please realize this is an all-volunteer organization and some things take time.

Code of Conduct


  • Be polite and considerate
  • Participate and promote club events or club participation in other events
  • Share photos/video/stories/etc. of members, tesla products, and events
  • Promote club efforts and overall culture
  • Advocate for Tesla and its mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy
  • Advocate for EV-related policy issues (check with your policy contact if you have questions)
  • Keep interactions relevant and professional, whether engaging with Elon, Tesla’s official accounts or other members of TOCNM
  • If you would like to engage in debate, please use a personal account, not a club account


  • Be rude or a jerk
  • Bash other EV manufacturers (this runs counter to our larger mission)
  • Share or debate personal agendas, politics, or nsfw (not safe for work) content

Most of these should be common-sense for our club.

As awareness grows, clubs that are Official Partners of the Tesla Owners Club Program must act in a professional, mission-focused manner. Actions counter to this may injure the club’s reputation with the Tesla community, the program partners, or with the public at large.