Welcome! The Tesla Owners Club of New Mexico is an organization of Tesla vehicle owners who promote driving Teslas for their enjoyment and to foster the implementation of Teslas and other EVs as the primary vehicles in New Mexico to make it a better and healthier place to live.

Benefits of Membership
There are numerous benefits from being a member. It gives us some influence through lobbying efforts with the state, discounts on goods and services (planned), assistance with Tesla service problem resolution, educational benefits for club members and the public as well as great opportunities to meet other like-minded EV drivers.

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Earth Day Festival Balloon Fiesta Park

Earth Day Festival on April 21 at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Park is looking for volunteers who own EV’s and have other areas of expertise. The Tesla Owners Club of New Mexico will also have booth there. Also preferred parking for EV’s. Please volunteer. RSVP to the Event Here.


TOCNM April through June 2024 Proposed Schedule

April 21, Sunday: Earth Day Festival, Balloon Fiesta Park, Albuquerque 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

May 11, Saturday: In Person Meeting, Sawmill Market, Albuquerque

May 13, Monday: Zoom Meeting

X May 18, Saturday: Road Rally, Chaco Canyon–Postponed, Will Be Rescheduled X

June 15: Saturday: In Person Meeting, TBD, Taos

June 16, Sunday: Zoom Meeting

June 23, Saturday: Road Rally, Route 66 Albuquerque to Gallup

Annual Board of Directors Meeting Summary

We just had a wonderful Tesla Owners Club of New Mexico TOCNM Annual Board Meeting, Saturday, February 17. The items that we covered were:

Election of the Board Members Members are elected annually and the previous board members were reelected with the addition of club member, Beverly Duffy, who very graciously volunteered to serve on the board. The officers were then elected by the board members and they stayed the same. The board members are:

Mark Hawes, President
Mike Makoid, Secretary
Jay Levine, Treasurer
Daniel Pritchard, Director
Abbas Akhil, Director
Dennis Spanogle, Director
Beverly Duffy, Director

Change in the Membership and Dues: Membership was simplified to two memberships, Annual and Lifetime Memberships. The dues were changed to $35 per year for Annual and remained the same at $505 for Lifetime. Members who currently are Basic and Long Range become Annual Members without any additional payment until their renewal date comes up — one year from when their dues were originally paid. Performance Members become Lifetime Members without any additional dues payment. New members will pay either $35 for Annual Membership or $505 for Lifetime Membership. The Basic Trial Membership no longer applies. Existing Basic Trial Members remain so until their four months are up and then will need to become Annual or Lifetime Members.

Eliminated the board members term limits: We eliminated the three-year limitation term limit for board members. This was based on the very limited interest by the members to join the board and to eliminate the possibility in three years from when the board was started of making most of the board members ineligible to run.

All in all it was an excellent meeting. Thank you all to the board and the interested members who attended.

EV Charge Stations First State Funding from NEVI Program

From TOCNM Members Jay Levine and Dan Monaghan:

Exciting news, Tesla got funded for a bunch of new stations, some we have seen on the supercharge.info map for over a year now! Thanks to club member Dan Monaghan, for posting this to the TOCNM.org website.

If you read the press release to the bottom, you can see that they are required to build out along interstates before they can move on to other corridors.

Santa Fe, NM – The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) received $38.3 million in NEVI Formula funding to distribute through 2026. The funds will be used for the expansion of a National EV Charging Infrastructure network in the State of New Mexico. In the first round of funding distributions, NMDOT received 17 applications and awarded $11.9 million to six (6) entities, for a total of 20 locations and 84 new EV chargers across New Mexico. Additional phases of funding distribution will be available in the Spring.

Awardees and locations

  • EV Gateway (Las Cruces)
  • Francis Energy (Raton, Socorro, Los Lunas, T or C)
  • Pilot (Jamestown, Moriarity)
  • Red E Charging LLC (Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Grants, Maxwell, Bernalillo)
  • SkyChargers LLC (Deming)
  • Tesla (Lordsburg, Encino, Gallup, Wagon Mound, Las Vegas, Santa Rosa, Tucumcari)

“With the help of USDOT, the ideas supported by these awards constitute a leap forward in achieving a low-carbon future and assist in building a comprehensive charging infrastructure network that will open New Mexico’s electric drivability,” said Ricky Serna, NMDOT Cabinet Secretary.

The NEVI Plan, approved by the Federal Joint Office of Energy and Transportation on September 14, 2022, envisions a phased approach to create a reliable, accessible, convenient, and an affordable EV charging network which will in turn support transportation choices, energy diversification, economic development, and environmental sustainability for all New Mexicans. The Solicitation for Applications (SFA) was Phase One of The NEVI Plan, which aims to build-out I-25, I-40 and I-10.

Per NEVI Formula Requirements, once EV Charging Stations have been installed along the Alternative Fuel Corridors (AFC) and approved as “built out” by the FHWA, the State of New Mexico can expand the network further into other high priority EV corridors as part of the remaining plan.

On January 24, 2024 the NMDOT announced the first funding for EV charge stations around the state under the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program. Tesla did very well in the awards with approval for charging stations in Lordsburg, Encino, Gallup, Wagon Mound, Las Vegas, Santa Rosa, and Tucumcari. Some of those will obviously be expansions on existing locations. Round one of NEVI funding is focused on interstates rather than rural areas, and these are all along I-40, I-25 and I-10 (Encino actually means Wagon Wheel, which is west of Clines Corners.) Another round of funding, with luck in non-interstate places like Farmington, Carlsbad and Silver City, is promised for this spring. But government moves slowly.


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Free training at Tesla Owners Club of Pennsylvania (TOCPA.club)

Active members of the New Mexico club have free access to Tesla Training at the Tesla Owners Club of Pennsylvania. Log in and check out the Links in the Members’ section for codes needed to access those training sessions.

Social Events

Club members get to participate in our in-person social events. Whether it be scenic drives, Special Topic talks, hook ups with clubs from other states, SuperCharger openings or just meeting at a restaurant for lunch and good conversation.

Owner Support

Have a question about your car or a function? Getting a message you don’t understand? Being part of the Tesla Owners Club Program, members have access to a network of resources.


As a club member you get to enjoy discounts we are working on with a number of online and local businesses. Information and links for discounts when established will be posted in the members area of the website.

Educational Benefits

As a club member, you will benefit from being able to contact other owners and learning from experiences. We have invited speakers at Zoom meetings on Special Topics such as better use of your car and it’s features, upcoming legislation, improvements in NM charger infrastructure, and so on.

The TOCNM Facebook group is a general group for Tesla owners. The Facebook group is NOT part of the official TOCNM club. The Facebook group can be used to promotes various club and non- club events, share photos, videos and stories of Tesla owners and Tesla product information.

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