PNM Tesla Home Charger Rebate Waitlist Update

Update on Public Service Company of New Mexico PNM Tesla Wall Charger Rebates: PNM continues to work with Tesla to get their chargers certified so that they can give rebates for purchase of the chargers. There is one more item that has to be done and that is for Tesla to be able to supply PNM with the charging data from the installed chargers. This is done on an aggregate basis so that individual users have anonymity. If you bought a Tesla Wall Charger recently you can get on a PNM waiting list so that you can get the rebate once this issue is resolved that PNM is assuring us that it will be done soon. Here is the link to the waiting list signup:
Here is a link to general PNM EV information:
If you have questions or comments you can email PNM directly at or






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