PNM Home Charging

From our board member Abbas Akil regarding the new PNM program for charging EVs at home for a reduced rate:

The smart meter from PNM that gives me the 3 cent rate for off peak charging was installed recently. It went very smoothly and did not require me to be present when the meter was swapped out.

In talking to the installer I found out that your number in the queue does not determine the sequence in which you get the new meter. The installation date is determined by your billing cycle date and not your place in the queue that was assigned to you when you registered for this program with PNM. You could be number 1 in the queue yet someone else with  600 number might get their meter earlier than you.

Just an interesting fact that our members who are waiting for their meter might want to know.






4 responses to “PNM Home Charging”

  1. Ross Avatar

    I went to the PNM site a signed up for this pilot program & in about 4 days I got a response saying my reservation had been accepted and the meter would be install ASAP, then saying I would get an email when the installation was scheduled. I’m not sure whether this is a “Real Confirmation” that I will be getting the new meter or if this is just the PNM BOT spouting a pre-fab response to Every application. It doesn’t make sense that I’m “IN” already given the remarks that so many others have already applied. Only way I Could rationalize my real approval is if they are spreading their participants around the state and they Needed other south central participants. Anyone have any thoughts?

  2. Ross Avatar

    My meter was installed on 5 Sep, it’ll take another month to see what the “Cheaper” bill looks like. It was a troublefree install although PNM didn’t repond to my email requesting a 30min notice. That “” address may be an Unmonitored mail box.

  3. Marko7777 Avatar

    I just got my meter installed today, September 13, after applying for it on August 28 with the application number 00987 just squeaking in under the 1,000 limit. We’ll see how it goes. Anybody get a bill from PNM with this rate? I assume it is broken out separately.

  4. KimboMundy Avatar

    My meter is supposed to be installed tomorrow. They called to confirm that I wanted it since I have solar. I looked at the rates and even though I’ll get charged $0.0304438/kWh, my credit rate (for Large PV) has been between $0.031 and $0.059. So, even if you have solar, this is a good deal.

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