The TOCNM bylaws allow for a minimum of three and as many as seven board members. Selection of the TOCNM Officers (president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer) will occur by voting amongst the board members at the same Annual Meeting. Here are the current board members.

Abbas Akhil

Abbas promotes the widespread use of EVs, deployment of charging infrastructure and equitable laws to make EVs affordable. As a former legislator he has first-hand experience of the lack of broad support among our lawmakers for electric vehicles mostly due to incorrect or lack of education on key issues. As a TOCNM Board member he advocates and educates our lawmakers so that EV owners are not burdened with excessive road tax or other fees. He has made arguments to counter incorrect information in the legislature on the cost and demographics of EV ownership, battery manufacturing and supply of critical raw materials. He will continue advocacy as a TOCNM Board Member and defend the interests of our membership when and where I need to.

He is a retired Sandia National Laboratories engineer specializing in energy storage, battery technologies and renewable energy. He is a proud owner of a 2021 Model Y and have logged over 36k miles in one year of ownership.

Beverly Duffy

Beverly moved to New Mexico from the northwestern suburbs of Chicago in 1998. She retired from 19 years working in the service and automobile collision repair departments of a local auto dealership. There she acquired a great deal of knowledge of the structure and repair of many types of vehicles. Intrigued by the unique and groundbreaking technology of Tesla vehicles, she found herself ordering a 2021 Tesla Model Y Long Range without ever having seen or been in one in person. She is passionate about living proactively to improve the environment through driving an electric vehicle as well as having solar panels and Tesla PowerWalls installed in her home.

Mark Hawes

Mark is the President of Telsa Owners Club of New Mexico. He is a retired engineer living in Albuquerque after working in California for a number of years. He is a Tesla enthusiast after buying his first used 2013 Model S more than four years ago, a new 2020 Model Y and a Tesla Solar System with two PowerWalls. He felt it was very important to continue TOCNM to provide both Tesla owners and people interested in purchasing Teslas a way of getting together to exchange their experiences and information to encourage the use and purchase of Teslas. As president he has implemented monthly meetings both in person and Zoom as well as Tesla Road Rallies with travel to different interesting parts of the state. He has supported the club in participating in a number of Electric Vehicle Expos in Taos, Santa Fe and Los Ranchos in Albuquerque along with the upcoming Earth Day Festival on April 21, 2024 at Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Park. See you there!

Jay Levine

Jay was the organizer of the club after founder Brian Dear stepped down in early 2022, he currently serves as a board member and treasurer. He has been a board member of Renewable Taos since the beginning, 2012. Most of his reading time is spent on renewable energy, electric vehicles, electric utilities, and climate change. He enjoys taking road trips in his Model 3 LR RWD which recently passed 100,000 miles.

Mike Makoid

Mike currently serves on the board of TOCNM as secretary. He owns a 2020 Model Y and loves it.

He is Professor Emeritus of Creighton University Health Science Schools. He has presented over 500 national and international papers and workshops.

In his free time, when he is not working on TOCNM stuff, he is the president of the Worldwide Martial Arts Association and teaches self-defense and unarmed combat.

Daniel Pritchard

Dan is currently a general board member of the TOCNM. He lives in Taos and is on the Executive Board of Renewable Taos where he has been the organizer for several EV Expos attracting hundreds of visitors each fall, and has advocated for charging stations in and around the Enchanted Circle. He setup the initial informational Google club website and has helped with the creation of and maintenance of our current website. Dan is a retired electrical engineer from Sandia National Laboratories and has a 2018 Model 3 rear-wheel drive that works pretty well in the snow.

Dennis Spanogle

Dennis joined the club in 2022 and volunteered to build a new fully responsive website for the club. This new website went live in May of 2023 and Dennis joined the board at that time. Dennis and his wife Vicki live near Sedillo east of Albuquerque and have a 2021 Model Y with full self driving. Dennis is a summa cum laude graduate of New Mexico State University with a Masters in electrical engineering and is a retiree of Hewlett Packard where he served as a systems engineer, sales person and district manager. Dennis and Vicki enjoy, among other activities, exploring New Mexico, the club road rallies, camping, and four wheeling in their Polaris RZR.